doTERRA Essential Oils!

Essential oils are incredibly effective and wonderful for total body health. Emily is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and uses essential oil products in all of her client sessions, yoga classes, and in her own personal life.

Get your oils now!

How does doTERRA Work?

It’s kind of like a Costco membership.. for oils! When you first enroll for your Wholesale Membership, you pay a $35 Membership fee which covers you for the first YEAR! (After that, it’s $25/year to maintain your membership.) This means it pays for itself in the first three or four oils you buy!

**Also, if your first order is a qualifying Enrollment Kit, your membership fee is waived. AWESOME! (And you’re paying the wholesale price for the kit… double awesome!)

Meanwhile, with your membership, you now have access to Wholesale Prices and can place orders whenever you choose. There is never a minimum, and you can either do one time orders as you choose or schedule monthly recurring orders to earn money back & earn free products.

If you’re into oils, it’s basically a no brainer. Setting up an LRP (monthly loyalty rewards program order) you can try some new products each month and add to your routine/collection/knowledge!

I am here for you to help you get started– please don’t hesitate to ask me questions!

To shop & enroll, go to:


Ways to use essential oils:

Aromatic: Diffusing to make the whole room, house, or office smell great & get purified

Topical: Apply the oils directly to your skin

Internal: Add a few drops to your water, or take them as a soft gel– easy!